Since 2006, Guests has been indulging in UBD range of gourmet products served only in the best 5 stars restaurants and hotels in Qatar. Most of those products are not available in the traditional retail market. Now, through HOTCUPANDMORE , those loyal and regular guests can final enjoy their favorite cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc... at the convenience of their homes.

register now in HOTCUPANDMORE , and you can sign in and shop online at any time. UBD will deliver your order to your door steps. You can pay cash or by credit card on delivery.

UBD has also a remarkable portfolio of world renowned restaurants and dinning concepts that have been introduced to Qatar spanning the past 8 years. At UBD, we strive to bring matchless and diverse blends to the culinary market-thus, catering to the needs of our endearing customers belonging to diverse ethnicities, with flavorful twists on cuisines and ambiance.